Elizabeth Hutchison Bernard

Praise & Reviews

“The changing role of women in Edwardian society and America’s struggle to define a new morality for the twentieth century are uniquely explored in this memorable and truly original story. Elizabeth Hutchison Bernard has created a stunning cast of characters that will stay with readers for a long time.”
—MARCIA FINE, award-winning author of Paris Lamb, Paper Children, The Blind Eye and Hidden Ones: A Veil of Memories

“An interesting and unexpected story line that will keep readers wanting to know what happens next.”
—JOAN KRON, award-winning filmmaker (“Take My Nose…Please!”); author of Lift: Wanting, Fearing and Having a Facelift; Contributing Editor, Live Box magazine; former Contributing Editor-at-Large, Allure magazine

“As a plastic surgeon and a woman, I was fascinated by this tale that reflects on the early days of cosmetic surgery and the many ways in which human beings search for beauty and purpose in their lives. I loved the story from the very first chapter!”
—LAURIE A. CASAS, MD, Senior Clinical Educator (Plastic Surgery), University of Chicago Pritzer School of Medicine

“The Edwardian era is a fascinating period to explore ideas of beauty and power and showcase the history of medicine at a time when it was truly in flux. A great backdrop for this intriguing drama!”
—LAUREN MARKEWICZ, MA, Public Historian